The Photographs Before the Baby is Born

Many mothers will have photos taken of their baby soon after they are born, but there is now also a growing market for shots of the mother before she will give birth. It is about recording the whole maternity event rather than just the product of it.

During this article, we shall look at what considerations we should make regarding motherhood when it comes to capturing the whole event, as well as looking at some maternity photography tips to make the most of this photo opportunity.

Development Scrapbook

A wonderful way to start recording a baby’s life is to show how they look while developing inside their mother’s womb. We will have the medical scans but this is still different from having the external baby bump photographs that can show the external proof of the process of maternity. 

You can then say, once your baby understands, how that bump shows their early development inside the womb, but from the outside. Once the opportunity has been missed, it will be too late to record the maternity period.

Tips to Achieve a More Pleasing Photo

It is a good idea to avoid photographing a pregnant mother straight-on. This can tend to have a mother look large instead of pregnant. This depends on the stage of maternity, of course. We do, however, want to clearly show a pregnant mother because that is the whole purpose of the photo.

As established now, a side shot will be a flattering way to capture the baby bump. It is an exciting event and a major part of a mother and father’s life, so why not have a permanent photographic record of it?

Choosing different locations to take the photos can be pleasing to show the child once born. It can show all the places a parent visited during the maternity period.

Avoid using a wide-angle lens that can distort or stretch the frame. It is better to select a long lens to capture the most accurate view of the milestone event about to happen. When we say a long lens, we are referring to those of 85mm, 100mm, 200mm, and higher.

Comfortable Poses

It is useful to think about poses. Maternity poses fall into two categories, which include seated or standing poses. Think about hand placement, how a mother interacts with her gown and the beauty of her facial expression.

The hands should not disguise the baby bump but allow it to be photographed proudly. What an expectant mother wears should be something complementary. There are gowns designed for periods of maternity because they are loose-fitting, but you will want to consider fashion as well as practicalities when a pregnant mother’s photo is taken. It will, after all, be in the album for prosperity.

Thinking about facial expressions, this should be one of pleasure so that the child once born can see how much joy was attached to their mother being pregnant while waiting for them to be born. It must be displayed as a happy event. Not that it won’t be if someone has gone to the trouble of having had the photograph taken while pregnant. The expression should not be forced, though, but a natural one.

To create movement, which is not easy when someone is pregnant, it is a good idea to encourage bent arms and legs. For instance, gently bend the mother’s knee to be closest to the camera. Think about having the mother tuck her hair behind her ear. This will make for an easy-looking curve in terms of her arm and wrist.

The Tender Touch

When the would-be father is not taking the photographs, and a professional is at the other end of the camera, a photograph of both parents can be captured. That is unless a self-timer is used. It adds a nice touch to capture the tender touch of the man’s hand on the baby bump as he gently rubs it. This shows a father-to-be’s involvement and shared joy in the whole process of maternity.

Maternity tips should include those that relate to photography. There are ways to make pregnancy more joyful as well as healthy.

Weighing up the above should mean that we capture that period during maternity with skill and thought. We have to consider whether we take the photographs as parents or hire a professional photographer. A combination of both can achieve pleasing and professional results. As parents, you can take those moments not possible with a professional photographer. However, using a professional photographer can ensure some wonderful studio shots to treasure for a lifetime.

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