4 Ideas for Earning Money from Photography

Photography does not just have to be a hobby, as it is possible to make money from it. With the rise in technology and online practices, it has never been easier for photographers to showcase their work by setting up their own websites. Hobbies like this allow someone to start a career as a freelancer photographer if they wanted to pursue this full time. This article will explore the ways in which this is possible.


To become a successful wedding photographer, similar to the best wedding photographer Rhode Island has to offer, it is necessary to understand not just how to use a camera effectively but to understand the needs of the happy couple. It is about making sure that you have photographed all combinations of the two sets of families. You will not know in advance who they are, so it will be vital to communicate effectively on the day. Any shots missed cannot later be obtained in quite the same way again. You may be faced with all kinds of weather conditions to contend with but there can often be places to shelter if you have done your homework on the venue first. This does put some pressure on the photographer and reputations are everything in the wedding business. If you have any tricks for making someone smile, then use them. A wide-angle lens will be particularly useful for large groups and a lens hood to stop any glare from the sun. A tripod will ensure no blurred shots from camera movement. You may well be as nervous as the couple if it is your first wedding. Additionally, you might have to create a name for yourself in the wedding market. People may, in general, search for photographers through the internet (wedding photography Cleveland, for instance), so you can develop your profile and website considering such search results to get suggested to potential clients.


To have had your photographs accepted by a magazine will enhance your employability within the profession. To sell yourself, you will need to highlight any previous publication experience and showcase your best photographs. If you have taken them in exotic locations, in interesting lighting, or from obscure angles, then they may well attract a magazine’s attention. When you send a speculative letter or email, you could provide a link to your own website, onto which you will, of course, have uploaded a selection of the photographs that you are most proud of. They should be relevant to the types of pictures that the magazine is known to have published.

You can make pictures glossy yourself by using Photoshop. This will give you a feel for how pictures look like that. It is important, too, that you have a good camera that produces sufficient resolution to be blown up without a picture becoming grainy or blurred.


Another format for quality photographs is to produce a calendar. It is better to take the pictures for a company that you work for because any calendars not sold within the first portion of the year will become unsaleable and leave a dent in profits made from the whole venture. Generally, a calendar of scenic views will have been produced from photographs taken throughout the previous year, so that scenes include wintery scenes featuring snow. So, this project might be something that you need to plan for in advance. A year in advance, even.

The software to explore to make calendars yourself might include Ashampoo, Photo Calendar Maker, Simply Calendars, and Zazzle. Ashampoo features 200 editable templates. Photo Calendar Maker can help you to produce a professional calendar in minutes. Simply Calendar offers a wide selection of themes exclusive to them. Zazzle has more than a million bespoke pictures to choose from, should you require that elusive winter image. If you have the images, it is useful to have the software to make them meaningful.

Greetings Cards

It is still possible to earn money by developing quality images for birthday cards, even though many are now produced digitally through online services or using their own software. In keeping with the trend, you could also engage software developers to develop a custom software system tailored to your specific requirements. In fact, everyone is after something different. If you have taken shots from unusual locations that have not appeared on television, or have captured something humorous by chance, this will also add appeal. There will always be companies that want your images.

In terms of choosing the right camera for the above ventures, camera providers are producing cameras with professionals in mind. Canon produces the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for professionals as opposed to the Canon EOS Rebel T7i for beginners. They are providing for both markets and indicating not just through price what makes a suitable camera for the needs of a professional.

To sum up, the above suggestions are only a few of the ideas possible with a good camera and a creative mind. Why not be among those who make the transition from hobby to career. It may prove both rewarding and financially satisfying.

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