About Me

I’m Ally Truffaut, author-photographer based in Amsterdam and author of Funk Trunk Chicago. I have been working as a commercial photographer, especially for companies and professionals. My personal artistic approach has led me to exhibit my work in many festivals and galleries.

I have been practicing commercial photography full time since 2013. Having previously had a seven-year career as a communications manager, I am perfectly aware of the expectations of professionals who now call upon my services as a photographer. I make sure to support them with seriousness and exigency by putting all my know-how at their service.

The human aspect is essential for me. I see my clients as partners whom I want to help in the realization of their projects or the resolution of their problems. I build my professional relationships on mutual trust and respect for people, whether in their personal life or in their professional practice.

Moreover, I am engaged in artistic research in which I give free rein to my creativity and to the expression of personal and intimate universes. I am deeply imbued with literature and seek to represent both the tensions of the soul and those of nature. Funk Trunk Chicago illustrates this well, as you’ll see.

My career in literature

My training is essentially a literary one – which is the reason why I decided to write for Funk Trunk Chicago. Seven years of graduate studies in Fine Arts gave me a deep and varied artistic culture. They provided me with valuable keys to a better understanding of the world and human beings in all their complexity. They also gave me a solid capacity for analysis and an intellectual methodology that serves me daily in my professional practice.

My photography training

As for my photographic training, it took place outside of any academic framework. Photography first presented itself to me as a hobby, then as a passion that quickly became more and more important.

I learned the technical aspects of this discipline by myself. But I also had the chance to cross the path of photographers, amateur and professional. All of them were passionate people with whom I developed human and artistic relationships that helped my own practice to mature.

Is this blog for you?

  • You are starting digital photography
  • You are lost in technical lingo that is often difficult to understand
  • You want to perfect your skills as a photographer
  • You are curious about the super-powers of your camera

If so, then this blog is for you! My articles will guide you with simplicity and instructiveness. I am convinced that photography is accessible to everyone and that we should always learn while having fun.

The purpose of this blog

Photography was a real eye-opener for me when I acquired my first camera. I started this blog without being a professional in this field, as I wanted to share with you my progress as a photographer, both technically and artistically.

This blog was born from the will to progress together, step by step, in order to overcome our obstacles to take beautiful pictures. You’ll find as little technical vocabulary as possible, but rather concrete answers to concrete problems. I share with you what I learn every day, either by practicing or by synthesizing information I find around me.


The blog would not be what it is without you, your feedback and support. Even if I can’t reply to all your emails, they always make me happy and inspire me to continue to help you in photography. I also thank my mentor Oliver Kelly for encouraging me to create it. Without him, this page wouldn’t even exist.